Have you ever thought about selling your product samples?

Consider selling you products in small doses, within an alluring packaging, easy to transport and use.

  • Original product: we alter neither the chermical nor the physical formulation of your product. Due to our exclusive technology, we display the color of your product through a translucent film, enabling an interaction between the product composition and its color.
  • Hygienic, tamper-proof, all samples are protected against any potential microbiologic contamination through an airtight film. Once opened, it cannot be closed again. In this way, you ensure the sampling is for personal and individual use.
  • High pressure / temperature resistant.
  • Our technologies allow us to offer the best prices in the Sampling market.
  • Distribution chanels: insert in mails, adversting in magazines, catalogues, points of sale, insert in amenities of hotels and airlines, among others.