Our exclusive technologies make us stand out in the Market.

Rouge | Gloss | Liquid Makeup

Our technology is the only one that allows you to show the actual color of your product in diverse formats, without altering its cosmetic formulation.
In te international market, there are samples with other technologies - such as inserts in catalogues or magazines - but they generally alter the physical and chemical composition of the cosmetic product in order to show its color.

Eye Shadows | Powder | Blush | Corrector

Two main differences make us stand out among any other type of sampling:

  1. The softness with which the powder is detached from the sampling when you slip your finger or make-up brush over it. The powder is not attached to the sampling as we vary the surface tension of the product.
  2. It has an air-tight protector so that the sampling may be opened just once. This is higly important in products such as eye shadows, blush, powder or corrector, which may be easily infected with germs if repeatedly used by different persons.


Two technologies are used to obtain different types of samples:

  1. It allows you to apply the product directly over your skin, ensuring the fragrance.
  2. It allows you to smell the fragrance; it may be opened and closed several times, and it is protected by two plastic films against the interference of other odors such as the paper of magazines, catalogues, leaflets.


We provide an antipersipirant sampling (deodorant stick-type). We are the only sampling company that works with this kind of technology.
This sampling is made without modifying the original formulation of the deodorant. It is easily applicable, as the product is deposited on two sections of a soft sponge, which is rubbed against the skin.

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